Iraqi Giant Construction Company’s Choice for New Projects is UMMAN

UMMAN CONCRETE PLANTS has started the installation of 2 unit USC 120 Stationary Concrete Batching Plants for one of the leading companies of Baghdad in Iraq.

UMMAN positions it self as an international company and exports almostall of its concrete batching plants. As a result of this positioning, our company currently exports concrete batching plants to many countries of the world. Our company not only carries out the necessary studies to add new countries to the export geography, but also streng thens its presence in the markets where it exists. The concrete batching plants we have produced using our wide production technologies, high engineering know ledge and skills create happy customers in every country and increase the prevalence of UMMAN CONCRETE BATCHING PLANTS.

The chassis equipped with long-lasting H profiles in rigid & robust structure and The concrete plant, which has a capacity of 120 m3 compacted concrete per hour with a 3000 L. twin shaft mixer, also has a 4 section aggregate bunker that allows the storage and use of 4 different aggregate materials.

Each section of the 4×30 m³ aggregate bunker is equipped with a double cover system that allow sprecise aggrega teweighing. The aggregate hopper is equipped with two side maintenance platforms  for safe maintenance and access to the weighing conveyor. The mixer has a high pressure automatic washing system. The mixer has special safety systems required for safe use and safe maintenance. The mixer block also has stairs, platforms and hand rails that will provide access to all weighing group.

The water system of the power plant consists of the piping system that will provide filling from the water booster, the water weigher, and the water distribution sprinkler system. The control of required amount of water for concrete production is set automatically.

There are 2 cement silos of 100 tons each for both plants. Each cement silo is equipped with pneumatically controlled valves and nozzles to ensure smooth cement flow and prevent clogging.

It consists of Omron brand automation system, control panel and computer system.It supplies customer’s requested prescription by working fully automatically.

With its high quality and reliable concrete batching plant solutions, UMMAN continues to be the primary choice of construction leaders around the world.



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